About Us

Our Mission of Techknowledge Education


Techknowledge acknowledges and fosters the whims and fancies of youngsters vis-a-vis the vast realm of Science and Technology. It supports grade level academic learning and implements educational robotics as a toehold for an ever progressive learning experience.

State-of-the-art innovative and creative Integrated Learning Environments (ILE) are designed to set aflame a learning fetish in students of all ages, empowering them to discover and explore science and technology on their own terms in an atmosphere brimming with energy.



Provides a forum for tech whiz kids by offering Integrated STEM Educational Robotics (ISER) Classes, Camps, and Workshops for K - 12 students.

Whips up an all-encompassing curriculum to nourish aptitudes in Science- Technology-Engineering-Maths ( STEM)



Employs the child’s spare weekend hours for constructive after school activities

Gives the child’s flair a global audience by participating, conducting and training students for International Robotic Competitions.



Nurtures team player capabilities and project management abilities through project-centered education programs and experiential learning. Transforms children into Know-it-alls with training in mechanical engineering and design, software design and development, problem solving and debugging, and presentation skills

Presents Robotics as the fun-filled field that it is; an exciting blend of academic subjects, real life applications and workplace competencies. Our children go beyond the theory and learn how to implement Math, physics, electronics, mechanics, geometry, engineering, and computer science in real life.



Provides refuge from the boredom of stuck-with-a-book learning through a hands-on approach required to build robots. This experiential knowledge helps develop workplace competencies such as project management, time management, resource sharing, teamwork, problem solving, systems analysis, communication skills.

Equips children with a new age skillset that the 21st century loves to embrace.