Techknowledge EducationWho we are

Tecknowledge Education is the Bengaluru chapter of the acclaimed Robotics Training Institute, driven by the desire to unleash the latent possibilities in children (8 -14 yrs) and provides a run way for their ideas to take flight.

Robotics is the amalgamation of mechanical engineering, electronics and computer science that blends in exquisitely to accommodate unbelievable functionalities. Robotics is paving its way in today’s world, wrapping itself around diverse applications in innumerable fields and will soon be the essence of the tomorrows to come.

Techknowledge fosters the child’s flair for technology and taps the inherent inquisitiveness that they possess. Children not only tinker with ideas, but also mould them in reality.

Techknowledge also nurtures talent, harnesses thinking abilities, brings in creativity, practicality, communication abilities and collaborative learning skills in the child besides the much expected construction and programming of the bots.

Techknowledge is run by a team of driven individuals with extensive experience as Engineers, technocrats, Educators, Software engineers passionate to bequeath knowledge through promising noteworthy unconventional approaches in making learning fun rather than a chore.

Techknowledge Education not only educates children but also equips them with the necessary skills and technology, gearing them up for Robotic competitions held nation wide.

Techknowledge Bangalore has produced 4 Karnataka Regional Winners , 8 Karnataka Regional Runners and Many teams qualified for Indian Robot Olympiad Nationals till 2017. It has captured the nation’s interest by being the largest contingent from Karnataka and nurtured India’s best teams in Elementary and Junior High Open Categories.

Techknowledge is one of Bengaluru’s finest institutes in the arena of robotics today, having journeyed through a commendable experience, ever since its inception, Eight years ago.

We use the motivational effects of robotics to excite the present and future generations of children to study science and technology. The mission of Teaching- Robotics is “Child Development with The Power of Technology”

TechKnowledge Education focuses on introducing engineering concepts through robotics to children. With TechnoFun, the students’ creativity is unleashed at a very young age enabling them to render their talents not just on paper, but in real time too. Robotics helps children to perceive science and technology from a practical perspective. Robotic education is not just about constructing and programming robots but a compilation of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaborative learning skills of the student.